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Human Interest

Hope in Santa Faz

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“We’re going to visit Gloria, she lives just down there,” Chris told Braden and Elizabeth as she and her husband Richard guided them through the slum of Santa Faz, in the north of Guatemala City. The four stood atop a steep hill that led down to a ravine, and looked upon the houses built into the side of this slope. To get to Gloria’s house, ‘just down there,’ they had to descend a rocky and steep path, interrupted by water pipes that neighbors splice from one another to gain access to the public system. Stairs were built into the side of the hill to aid our descent but a slip of the foot might send one down to the ravine in just a few minutes! We soon arrived at Gloria’s two-room house where she lives with husband and nine children. Chris and Richard stopped by Gloria’s house to pay a friendly visit and to make sure the three children starting school next term were adequately prepared and excited! This would be the first term that any of the nine children, who range from baby to teenager, would attend school.

Chris and Richard Rice have been volunteering in Guatemala for nearly 10 years (please see When they first arrived, they worked for an organization that helps to give children who live on the street a place to live. After caring for 12 teenage girls from the street in their own home for a few years, Chris and Richard switched gears to aid in the prevention of ‘street’ children. Currently they work as independent volunteers, addressing the needs of their community in Santa Faz in all sorts of ways from house repair to education.

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